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Connect with us! Let us know what you are doing as a GreenLatino in your life or work.

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    Where are you located?
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    Hi, I’m a U.S.-born Latino journalist and filmmaker based in Mexico City.

    Currently, I am making a film about an environmental justice issue at a Superfund site in the Tucson, Arizona. I would like to form an alliance with you. Please may I speak this week with Andrea Delgado? Muchas gracias.
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    If you are in the DC area- please submit a proposal for the Chesapeake Watershed Forum
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    I am a retired Agricultural Engineer non Hispanic with a interest in the environment, race relations and recovery of an island.
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    Hello, I run a Riverkeeper organization in North and South Carolina. I am interested in connecting with the LatinX communities in the areas where we advocate for clean water with hopes of engaging these communities in the fight for our right to clean water where we live, work and play. Some of the areas where we work are in NC (Laurinburg, Lumberton, Whiteville) and in SC (Conway, Florence, Georgetown). Many thanks for any connections!
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    I’m an L.A. resident.  I’m writing to suggest that your group prepare for a firing of Mueller with lawful, peaceful, significant response.  I believe that the sense of normality and acceptance that seems to exist to such a great degree between marches between Jan. 20th and the next Jan.20th can be challenged.  I’d like to find some group willing to create a model event that shows that anyone can participate in person in an appeal for impeachment— anytime she or he is at a sporting event, concert or gathering(that does not involve employees or employer).  When the big hand on the clock hits 12: “Impeach.”   Enjoy the game. But know that the majority in the crowd(that actually won the last presidential election) is going to show that the unity and sense of normality and acceptance that fans exhibit when cheering for their home team together — also masks the growing outrage over the racism, fascism and lies.  Even if that outrage is only shown a couple of times when the minute hand hits twelve: “Impeach.”  It probably can be started in a small gathering as a model for other larger groups; and those groups as models eventually to inspire a spontaneous response in a stadium. This should be started before there can be a Mueller firing.  I’m sending this out to several groups(large and small) in the hopes that some group will take ownership of the idea or at least be ready to be a participant.  Best way to be Green is to get rid of Pruitt/Trump H Bernstein  
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    We can help your website to get on first page of Google and increase the number of leads and sales you are getting from your website. Please email us back for full proposal.

    Best Regards

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    I want to get better educated. What can I do?

    Thank you
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    I am a writer for the CT website and am working on a story regarding Latinos and conservation. Do you have any presence or representatives in CT I might contact.

    Bill Sarno
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    I am contacting you on behalf of SHIFT (Shaping How we Invest For Tomorrow), an annual festival, held each autumn in Jackson Hole, that explores issues at the intersection of conservation, outdoor recreation and cultural relevancy.

    The 2018 SHIFT Festival will explore the health benefits of time outside: how outdoor recreation on our public lands creates a healthier citizenry, attracts new customers to the outdoor industry, promotes stewardship and advances quality of life in communities across America.

    Each year, SHIFT researches individuals, organizations and initiatives from around North America that leverage outdoor rec for conservation gains and evaluate their work using three criteria: Impact, Innovation and Replicability.

    The work determined to be most impactful, innovative and replicable is considered for the Shift Awards.

    Representatives of official selections for the Awards are then invited to the annual SHIFT Festival, which is designed in part to showcase their work.

    The 2018 SHIFT Awards will focus in particular on work that advances or promotes the health benefits of time outside.

    Green Latinos has been recommended to us for the SHIFT Awards by Catherine Nagel, ED of City Parks Alliance. Green Latinos is a commendable organization and we would be honored to learn more about it. Do you have any time this week for a phone call?

    Thank you,


    Francesca Weikert

    Marketing & Logistics

    SHIFT | The Center for Jackson Hole

    PO Box 350

    110 N. Millward St.

    Jackson, WY 83001

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    I’m ready to get involved! I live in San Antonio Tx. Are there any local groups that I can link up with?
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    Do you have members who are located in Oklahoma? I’m with Green Country Sierra Club in Tulsa, OK and would like to connect with members of your organization to work together on projects like Earth Day in April.


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    Hi Green Latinos!

    My name is Summer Aldred, and I am a junior at Denison University and the National Student Network Coordinator for Intersect Environmental Community Organizing (IntersectECO)!

    IntersectECO is a young organization run by young people with intersectional environmental action and organizing at the core of our mission. In the spring of 2017, we were founded and even hosted our first ever Community for Climate Conference at Denison University, a small liberal arts school where our core group arose. Focused on student activism, our conference hosted attendees from Denison University and the rest of the Ohio Five, a network of five liberal arts schools in Ohio. We are looking to strengthen our efforts to facilitate long-lasting relationships between conference attendees and organizations that would help attendees channel their activism. This year, we have confirmed attendance from the Ohio Five colleges, along with colleges in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana! This years conference will be on April 14th, 2018 at Denison University!

    With this year’s conference being focused on Environmental Communication, we are looking for organizations like your own to connect to with possible interns and volunteers and to provide information on your current campaigns and initiatives through tabling. We have wanted to reach out to Green Latinos because of your exemplification of intersectional environmental understanding. Throughout the day there will be many opportunities for you all to represent and spread the mission of Green Latinos through our multiple sponsorship options. If any of the prices listed cannot be met because of financial need, we are more than willing to assist.

    We’d love for you to table at the conference and spread your message to a growing team of people and organizations that will be representing their environmental campaigns at the conference. We also would love to explore other partnership options if the ones suggested above do not reflect your desires!

    Workshops of the day include:

    De-Politicizing the Environment – Bi-partisan effort to Talk about the Earth

    Indigenous Community Expression through art – Paulino Mejia, Mayan Artist/Activist

    Urban Environmental Education to students of color – Nicole Jackson

    How Community Gardens transcend Barriers – Summer Aldred

    Environmental Communication within the Economics discipline – Dr Kaboub

    Intersections of Participatory Action Research(PAR) and Environmental Campaigns

    Organizing on College Campuses – Craig Freeland, Denison Student Union

    Putting the Idea to Practice: Design Thinking – Steve Krak, Denison Red Frame Lab


    Majora Carter of the Majora Carter LLC

    Dr Cecilia Martinez, Center of Earth & Energy Democracy

    If you are interested in attending as a participant, the form is included below!

    Let us know if this event sounds interesting to you and keep inspiring people with your amazing work!

    All the best,

    Summer Aldred
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    I am reaching out on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. We have assembled a team headed by all three of DCNR’s Deputy Secretaries to look at how we can be more intentional about diversifying our workforce, ensuring an equitable distribution on our grants and services and serving all our constituents as best as we can (among many other things!). I was hoping that I could be directed to someone who we could work with or members of your organization to have a conversation about how you think we can be more diverse, equitable and inclusive in all that we do. Please let me know if you can help!

    Thank you,

    Peter Spadaro

    Peter R. Spadaro | Executive Assistant

    Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

    Office of Conservation and Technical Services

    400 Market Street | Harrisburg, PA 17101

    Office: 717.772.4174
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    I’m a Spanish professor at the University of Georgia, and author of a textbook program designed for beginning learners of Spanish, published by McGraw Hill Education. I’m working on an exciting culture video project coming up and would like your help! If you’re chosen, you will be paid for your time and knowledge ($500 to you and $500 to the other Spanish speaker who appears with you in the video).

    We’re seeking Spanish speakers who are directly involved in conservation. This is an opportunity for you to tell your story and inspire the next generation of students!

    If you fit these characteristics, we would LOVE to hear from you.

    ● You have a very high level of fluency in Spanish.

    ● You have a genuine love of the Spanish language.

    ● We want candidates from all sexes, races, ethnicities, physical and mental capabilities, and backgrounds.

    ● You are currently involved in conservation efforts.

    ● You are not afraid of being on camera.

    ● You have a personal or professional connection to a native Spanish speaker who would also like to participate in the video to share his/her knowledge and experiences, and who would also be compensated.

    If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please email me as soon as possible. I will follow up to arrange a brief interview.

    ¡Mil gracias!
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