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Connect with us! Let us know what you are doing as a GreenLatino in your life or work.

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    I am Eulises Cibrian, a current Policy and Legislation Intern at LULAC focusing on the Environment, and I am contacting your organization to learn more about the issues that are/or potentially affecting the Latino community regarding the environment. I was wondering if my supervisor, Jose Gaona, and I could set up a meeting some time next week to further discuss what we at LULAC can do on the policy spectrum to address these issues. Please feel free to contact me through email,

    Thank You
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    I am a Denver-based reporter working on a story on pesticides (general) and am on deadline. I’m writing for a Latino bilingual publication and would like to speak to someone on this subject.

    Could you please give me a call or send an email? I would greatly appreciate it. My deadline is Friday (June 21) at noon.

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    Hello, I’ve trying to reach Mark Magana & anyone regarding the coming up Summit. I have gotten no response. Please give me a call. Thank you Debi Alvarez
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    Very interested in packaging waste and packaging design
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    Hi! I’m an Argentine creative professional and environmental activist, working on the intersection of art, design and environmental sustainability. I would like to know – if I join with the Full membership – I would receive a credential of any kind . Thanks a lot! :)
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    My name is Lauren Pyle and I work with the Environmental Educators of North Carolina. I’ve heard a bit about the amazing work Green Latinos is doing. If you have any members or affiliates in North Carolina, especially the Charlotte region, I wanted to invite them, their staff, board, and anyone else you work with in the area who values nature and is interested in teaching about nature or the environment to our upcoming annual conference in Gastonia, NC from September 19-21.

    The Environmental Educators of North Carolina (EENC) strives to make our organization, and environmental education, more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for all communities. EENC continues to seek new opportunities to work with organizations that represent the people of North Carolina, especially those that are wanting to expand networking and professional development opportunities in the environmental education field. Come to EENC’s annual conference where you can experience professional development, field trips, and networking with other educators who are working for a sustainable future. We’re especially excited about keynote Dr. Carolyn Finney!

    Do you have a successful project, lesson, or program related to environmental education at school; diversity, equity, and inclusion and the outdoors, community engagement (Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, etc.), teaching outside, storytelling and/or arts? If so, we’d love to shine a light on your work as a presenter! Proposal submissions are due Friday, 5/17, so we hope to see one from you soon! Available online at:

    In addition, we are seeking applications for conference scholarships. We want to award over $4000 in scholarships based on both need and merit to cover full or partial registration costs – so this money could be for you! This year EENC is also focusing on addressing racial equity through an additional Inclusion Scholarship. Students, educators, volunteers, program staff, and community leaders are encouraged to apply! If you’re interested in presenting, we highly recommend you apply for a scholarship as well! Scholarship application deadline is May 24.

    Conference applications:

    Inclusion Scholarship details:

    Learn more about this event at or feel free to contact Lauren Pyle at or 984-999-1702.

    We hope we can learn from you as part of our professional community!


    P.S. If you have a list-serve, staff/community contact email list, or even want to directly email this to your child’s teachers or after-school leaders, please help spread the word!
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    We love you from uganda
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    To whom this may concern:

    I am an independent vlogger from London traveling across America to get an insight into the collective view and experiences of people in the environmental, global warming and ecosystem sectors.

    I would love to have a 15 minute conversation with you as its a topic that is not just close to my heart but also many others.

    Please let me know if you are able to meet, and if you are okay with me recording the interview. I am available April 29 – May 3.

    Best Regards,

    Jasper Conners
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    Hello I summited for the green Latino summit 2019 scholarship and was wondering when will they announce if people got in or not.
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    I am a volunteer board member of Clean Energy Credit Union (, and I’m writing to see if GreenLatinos might be willing to explore the possibility joining Clean Energy Credit Union’s “field of membership” whereby all GreenLatinos members would be eligible to join the credit union (which does not have any cost associated with it).

    First, I’d like to provide some background about Clean Energy Credit Union and about the kind of partnership that we’re envisioning:

    Clean Energy Credit Union is a new financial institution that focuses exclusively on providing loans for clean energy (or energy efficient) products and services such as solar PV systems, electric vehicles, ground source heat pumps, electric bicycles, green home improvements, etc. Since receiving its federal charter in September of 2017 and launching in early 2018, Clean Energy Credit Union has already made over 400 clean energy loans. Clean Energy Credit Union’s vision is a world where EVERYONE can participate in the clean energy movement, and the credit union makes this possible by making it easier for everyone to afford to use clean energy (by offering clean energy loans with amazing terms) and making it easier for everyone to invest in clean energy (by offering federally insured savings accounts and clean energy CDs whereby the deposits are solely used to help someone else pursue their clean energy project).

    As you may or may not know, although credit unions provide similar services as banks (and have the same federal insurance for their deposits), they are quite different from banks in many other ways. For example, credit unions are not-for-profit, financial services cooperatives that exist solely to serve their members and fulfill their missions, whereas banks exist to maximize financial returns for their stockholders. Another difference is that banks can serve the general public whereas credit unions can only serve a “field of membership” (FOM), which is defined by regulators as a group of people that all have something in common that binds them together as a community (either virtual or physical). Many credit unions have a FOM that includes people who work for a certain employer, or who live in a certain geographic area, or who are members of the same professional association or religious organization. Clean Energy Credit Union’s FOM is currently the members of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), as well as all members of their family and household. ASES is a 60-year-old non-profit association and has been a great partner, and now we are looking to expand the FOM to include other mission-aligned organizations – particularly ones that help ensure that growing clean energy movement isn’t just primarily comprised of white people. So, to make a long story short, we wanted to see if GreenLatinos might be willing to consider joining the FOM of Clean Energy Credit Union.

    Being a FOM organization would not require any commitment of time, money, or effort on the part of GreenLatinos. Instead, it would simply require a one-page letter to our federal regulators saying that GreenLatinos would like to be a part of the FOM for Clean Energy Credit Union. This would then be an additional “member benefit” for GreenLatinos members, and GreenLatinos could choose to advertise it – or not – in whatever way it sees fit. On Clean Energy Credit Union’s website, we would list a membership in GreenLatinos as one of the ways that someone could become eligible to join Clean Energy Credit Union. At the very least, this might be able to encourage some people to join GreenLatinos – because someone could not get a loan or open a savings account at the credit union without first joining GreenLatinos or ASES. ASES has seen its membership increase by over 1,000 people as a result of being in our FOM.

    Would GreenLatinos be willing to consider exploring a potential partnership like this? Please let me know if you might be willing to speak with me about this.

    Thank you for your consideration,


    Blake Jones, Volunteer Board Chair
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    Hi, I heard from one of your members today., "Jose Dominguez. He was filling in for Jessica Loya.
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    My name is Solomon Kim, a high school junior at Crescenta Valley High School. I am in a class called AP Research and am responsible for conducting research on a topic I am passionate about. The topic that I chose was to highlight the experiences of minorities in environmental movements considering the lack of diversity in the movement. For my research, I am conducting interviews with individuals in leadership positions in these groups and through this, I hope to better understand their journeys and stories. I was wondering if any board members of Green Latinos would potentially be interested in a 10-minute interview for my study. If so when would be the best time and date to contact them? The time would be in Pacific Time. Everything from their identity to the NGO would be kept anonymous. Thank you so much.
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    Hello GreenLatinos!

    We’d love to make sure you’re invited to the 2019 CCL Climate Policy Camp Career & Higher Education Mixer

    The Climate Career & Higher Education Mixer will take place from 7pm-9pm on Wednesday, June 5th, at the 2019 CCL Climate Policy Camp at American University.

    The Mixer is an opportunity for departments, institutions, and organizations to connect with CCL volunteers for informational and informal discussions about graduate schools that focus on climate policy and careers that draw on environmental policy training.

    We have already confirmed attendance by World Bank and several environmental graduate programs and any college, university, institution, or organization that has an interest in recruiting students interested in climate policy is welcome to participate. Employers do not need to be affiliated with CCL or have a current eJobs listing to take part.

    Employers should sign up below to reserve a space! There is no fee associated with exhibiting and joining us at American University for the Career & Higher Education Mixer

    For individuals interested in attending please RSVP here:

    Questions? Email
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    Hello, Is there a GreenLatinos chapter in Sonoma County, specifically Santa Rosa? Would like to make contact with someone.
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    Felicitaciones…excelente trabajo

    Gracias por proteger el ambiente de los contaminanres.
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    Dear GreenLatinos,

    I hope you’re doing well!

    I’m supporting a campaigns project to get members of Congress on Capitol Hill to protect forage fish and birds. We hope to push them to provide sufficient funding for critical agencies like NOAA to implement effective fisheries management plans.

    We have an upcoming grassroots and advocacy fly-in in DC on April 10-12th. Could you share this with your networks?

    Thank you kindly,

    Jaime D. Sigaran
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    Hola, My name is Anesti Vega and I’m the Director of Operations for USX, a nonprofit that funds adventurous expeditions that get U.S. military veterans connected to STEM fields through field research and data collection.

    I’m reaching out to encourage any veterans of Green Latinos to apply to our upcoming expedition where we’ll be researching cryospheric and snowpack data in the Icefields of Alaska. Women and POC veterans are highly encouraged to apply. More info and to apply:

    Deadline to apply is March 1st, so please get the word out quickly and let me know if you have any questions!


    Anesti Vega

    Ph. 831-789-4541
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    My name is Feby Boediarto and I’m an outreach fellow at East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), Alameda County’s new electricity generation provider.

    EBCE is looking for a program manager to work on local renewable energy projects and we would very much appreciate you sharing this job posting among your members and network as we are seeking an applicant pool that is representative of California’s rich diversity.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

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    My name is Alexandra and I’m working to organize a protest in front of the White House on February 19th (this Tuesday). This protest is a response to Trump declaring a national emergency for a border wall. If the President wants a wall, we will build a human wall around the White House.

    I’m emailing to extend a personal invitation to the event and to request help spreading the word. It’s vital for myself and my amazing fellow organizers to have organizations there that support and are actively helping the immigrant and women’s rights community. Even if only a couple of representatives could come, that would be amazing. Please let me know if you have any interest in helping. I have attached the link to RSVP if you have any interest.


    Alexandra McCormick