Colorado Plateau Representative, The Wilderness Society

For nearly 80 years The Wilderness Society (TWS) has been at the forefront of the nationwide movement to protect remaining wilderness areas and promote conservation on America’s public lands. To achieve this goal, TWS is leading efforts to achieve a more balanced approach to leasing and drilling on public lands in the West and elsewhere across the country to resolve conflicts, protect important wildlands and other conservation values, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



Working with TWS staff and partner organizations, the Representative’s responsibilities will include coordinating with local BLM offices, conservation organizations, individuals, and communities to achieve a more conservation-oriented balance to oil and gas development on public lands and promote policies to reduce methane and other greenhouse gases associated with oil and gas operations on public lands, particularly across the Colorado Plateau.  The Representative will provide critical support and leadership in engaging in land use planning processes and federal policy efforts to promote conservation goals and defend wildlands against rollbacks to bedrock conservation laws and policies, energy development and other threats. To do so, the Representative will cultivate and organize community, agency, business, industry and individual support for these processes, policies, and outcomes in western Colorado, eastern Utah, and nationally. These activities will include identifying and cultivating new and community-based voices for conservation and energy policy reform.



This position plays an important role in supporting an inclusive organizational culture that is grounded in trust and accountability to shared goals and outcomes.  TWS has made diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic priorities for the organization and the Representative will integrate these priorities throughout our program work.  Across our team, we aspire to be campaign oriented, nimble, collaborative, innovative, transparent, and supportive of staff – our greatest asset.


***This position can be located in Denver, Durango, Grand Junction or elsewhere in the Colorado Plateau Region***





Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Engage in specific Resource Management Plans (RMPs) and related oil and gas components, plans, and activities, focusing initially on plans in western Colorado, northwestern and southeastern New Mexico, and eastern Utah.
  • Advance detailed recommendations on oil and gas development in planning processes, including strong policies and practices that reduce methane and other greenhouse gas emissions and impacts to wildlife, recreation, and other conservation values.
  • Build community support for TWS’s oil, gas and public land conservation policies and recommendations by identifying, educating, and cultivating local community members and regional leaders to speak out in community settings, agency processes and the media, and by engaging directly with the federal land management agencies and state, local, tribal and federal officials.
  • Support TWS’s national energy policy priorities, including working with the Administration, Congress, industry, Tribes, States and communities on oil, gas, and other greenhouse gas initiatives, rulemakings, and other activities relevant to energy development and utilization on public lands.
  • Defend bedrock public land conservation laws and policies through education, outreach, organizing and analysis.
    Work effectively with a wide range of individuals and organizations, from lawyers, scientists, and policy specialists to grassroots activists, ranchers, hunters/anglers, and other public land stakeholders.
  • Travel as needed (i.e., irregular, but approximately 3-6 days per month on average) to gain first-hand knowledge of public lands and develop relationships with partners, agency staff, and other key stakeholders throughout the region. 




  • Three to five years of relevant experience in advocacy, public policy, grassroots organizing, public lands conservation, or energy issues.
  • Solid understanding of energy development, energy policy, public land management planning, and agency culture, process and policy.
  • Strong writing and interpersonal communication skills, including ability to develop strategic and organized communications.
  • Ability to review and comment on agency proposals and actions, and identify key policy, legal, and political opportunities and pressure points.
  • Ability to develop and implement effective strategies and tactics to protect wild lands.
    Ability to work with technical experts and translate complex technical information into user-friendly language and formats.
  • Comfortable communicating with diverse constituencies, agency representatives and other governmental decision-makers.
  • Track record working successfully in teams representing a rich mix of talent, backgrounds, and perspectives—across race and gender.
  • Excellent strategic instincts and long-term vision.
  • Carries out duties and responsibilities ethically and with integrity and discretion.
  • Demonstrated leadership and a strong and creative intellect.

As an organization, we aspire to being inclusive in the work that we do and in the kind of organization we are.  Internally, this means working as a team that listens to different points of view, recognizes the contributions of every employee, and empowers each employee to bring their whole selves to work every day.  Externally, this means ensuring that public lands are inclusive and welcoming so that our shared wildlands can help people and nature to thrive.  We are committed to equity throughout our work, which we define as our commitment to realizing the promise of our public lands and ensuring that all can share in their universal benefits.
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