Climate Related Flooding Community Grants


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Grant Purpose

GreenLatinos seeks to launch a pilot micro-grant program to support local organizations working in frontline communities impacted by climate-related flooding. Through this RFP, GreenLatinos will identify two to three (2-3) community leaders or organizations working locally to educate, mobilize, or train latinx communities to advocate for equitable policy making, actions and solutions that address the impacts of climate exacerbated flooding in the U.S. The organizations or community leaders may be working on this critical environmental justice issue in a variety of spaces, such as (but not limited to) community preparedness, public health impacts, resilient infrastructure, and partnership building.

Based on the financial resources needed and timeframes of the project proposed, GreenLatinos intends to provide grants ranging from $8,000 to $16,000 for timetables ranging from 12 to 24 months, depending on the proposed activities. Our goal is to provide flexibility and resources to community-based organizations already working on climate-related flooding issues. GreenLatinos will also provide staff support from our Clean and Healthy Waters Program Manager for planning, policy research, production of communications materials, and more, to support the proposed activities.

Priority is given to projects that are realistic, thoughtful, and beneficial. Emphasis will also be placed on the project’s ability to be replicated, and to be showcased as a best practice for the tangible benefit of others. Lastly, priority will be given to proposals where other resources and relationships have been leveraged.



The following are mandatory eligibility criteria, proposals must comply with all of these:


Applicants who receive funding commit to:

  • Work with GreenLatinos in a timely manner to agree upon grant terms; 

  • Not spend the funds outside of the budget proposed without prior approval from the grantor;

  • Submit a one-page report on how the funds were used and what was achieved every quarter (exact dates to be agreed), including the outcomes and outputs, and photos.

As grantors, we commit to:

  • Recognize this as your work (not ours) and lift it up to our broader membership;

  • Respect your expertise and leadership, and not micro-manage your project; and

  • Reflect the Jemez Principles, and listen to your needs, in this grant process.

Resources on Climate-Change Related Flooding




The associated RFP is not an offer to enter into a funding agreement. Until a written funding agreement is fully executed, GreenLatinos will have no obligations to any applicant. Nothing in the RFP should be taken to be legally binding upon GreenLatinos and GreenLatinos reserves the right to make funding decisions at our own discretion and to change the terms of this RFP at any time. 


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