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Alejandra Nunez, Priscilla Villa, Melissa Vargas


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<< 124.4 million Americans, including over 45 million people in the 10 states with the highest proportion of Latinos, rely on headwater, rain-fed, and seasonal streams for their drinking water.

<< Over 1.8 million Latinos in the United States live within a half mile of an oil and gas facility, which emit smog-forming and other harmful pollution. An analysis found that this pollution is responsible for 153,000 asthma attacks in Latinochildren every year.

<< Programs to monitor and cut air pollution are especially important for Latinos in the U.S., nearly half of whom live in counties that frequently violate standards for ground-level ozone, such as Los Angeles County in California and Maricopa County in Arizona.

<<  Trump and Pruitt are pushing to cut the EPA’s pesticides program by over 16%. This especially impacts the Latinocommunity, as approximately 88% of our nation’s farm workers are Latino.


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Are you a GreenLatino who is interested in speaking out at one of the upcoming Clean Power Plan listening sessions in Kansas City, San Fransisco or Gillette, WY? If so please fill out this form and we will be in touch with more details!

<<   2/21 San Francisco Listening Session

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