Climate & Clean Air Local Solutions Grants

Climate & Clean Air Local Solutions Micro-Grants

GreenLatinos will provide 2-3 grants from 1-3K to a member.

The grant is to support local and regional work that ties back to Federal Climate Policy objectives as it relates specifically to carbon-reduction on site, in local communities and regions and other climate-related solutions such as carbon-reductions commitments, pledges to act on climate or reductions in a particular community, set of organizations, businesses or the like.

There are no specific geographic restraints but encourage proposals from including AZ, CO UT, NC, AZ-9, FL-7, 26, NM-2, VA-10, CA-45, MI-8, NJ-3, 11.

We encourage you to be specific in any political targets, partners and tactics used. Reporting requirement will be a 1-page readout will be required 24-48 hours after the event or project completion.

The project, the member must ascribe to GreenLatinos Membership Values and Jemez principles.

The first deadline is June 30th, 2019, applications will then be accepted on a rolling basis until the grant is issued or assigned.


To apply for the grant please complete the following application.

Climate & Clean Local Solutions Micro-Grant Application


You can learn more about the selection criteria HERE. For specific questions regarding this opportunity please contact Amanda Aguirre

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.