TAKE ACTION TODAY: Fight back against Clean Car Rollbacks & Stand Up for Our Communities Health

Clean car standards help keep our air clean, fight climate change, and save us money at the pump. Today, the Trump Administration and Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler are attacking those standards and trying to revoke states’ authority to protect their citizens from dangerous air pollution. He wants to gut the Clean Air Act and allow cars to be dirtier and less fuel-efficient.
We shouldn’t have to worry whether our air is safe to breathe. Our families who are already disproportionately burdened by pollution deserve clean car standards that protect our health and save money at the gas pump.

Speak out now to stop these reckless attacks on the clean car standards. Use your voice on social media and take action by signing the petition.

Who's signing

Dear EPA Acting Administrator Wheeler and NHTSA Deputy Administrator Heidi King:

We write to support the implementation of strong state and federal clean car regulations to protect public health from motor vehicle pollution. Motor vehicles remain a major source of air pollution that leads to respiratory illness and premature death, and the transportation sector is responsible carbon pollution in the United States. Enforcing America’s existing, vehicle emissions standards is vital in moving the United States in a more innovative and healthier direction.

The Latino community already faces a tremendous disadvantage when it comes to respiratory illness and asthma. 1 in 2 Latinos in the U.S. live in counties that consistently violate air quality ozone standards, leading to increased respiratory illness and asthma within our community. The rollback of car emission standards will only further impact the health of those communities.

Federal and state agencies must work together to develop a post 2025 clean car and zero emission technology standards. In the interest of defending American families against the worst impacts of climate change and vehicle pollution, we urge EPA, NHTSA and the state of California to work together to establish robust vehicle emission standards beyond 2025.California’s authority under the Clean Air Act to establish more health-protective motor vehicle pollution standards must be maintained, along with other states’ authority to follow California standards. California’s vehicle program is a clean air success story that has advanced clean technologies in the United States and around the world. California standards continue to bring real clean air benefits to our nation.

On behalf of GreenLatinos, we urge the federal government to maintain current vehicle standards that ensure all American's have access to clean air and are protected from air pollution.


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