General Research Position at Animal Charity Evaluators

Our passionate research team investigates the impact of various strategies for helping animals in order to provide the best possible advice to animal advocates, donors, and charities. We bring a high level of dedication, intelligence, compassion, and resourcefulness to work every day. We are an agile and fast-moving organization that shifts rapidly to meet our goals; individuals who are comfortable with a fast pace and a remote/virtual workplace do well here.

We are looking for new researchers to join our team in evaluating animal charities, evaluating interventions, and conducting foundational research. This position will involve developing and implementing research department strategies and activities—including designing, managing, and executing research projects and conducting data analysis and program evaluation.

This position offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to a robust understanding of effective ways to help animals. The ideal candidate will have strong reasoning and communication skills, and will bring to ACE a relevant background (in animal advocacy, evaluation, or a related academic field) that differentiates their views from those of others on our team.

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