2/15 Dreamer Statement



February 15, 2018

Contact: Amanda Aguirre, amandaaguirre@greenlatinos.org or 281-814-4627


GreenLatinos Statement on Trump’s Zero Tolerance Family Separation Policy


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Trump administration enacted a hateful zero tolerance policy that has not only ripped families apart, but has eliminated due process for thousands of asylum seekers at our southern border. In response, Mark Magaña, GreenLatinos President & CEO, issued the following statement:


“Thousands of families and their children have been ripped apart at the southern border by this current administration through a cruel and inhumane zero-tolerance family separation campaign that needs to end. The administration continues to peddle a false criminal narrative of immigrants as justification for the illegal and immoral treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers. The Executive Order signed today is a false solution to a problem this administration created and continues to uphold as it condemns families fleeing grave conditions.


We have witnessed the unrelenting targeting of immigrants by the current President. The manner in which he is using DACA and terrorized children as a bargaining chip to force policy action to create a closed and over-militarized border is immoral. GreenLatinos demands quick action be taken to reunite the thousands of displaced and detained families and end this vicious policy. GreenLatinos continues to insist that Congressional action must be taken to find a fair and humane solution for our DREAMER families who know no other country as their home. These conditions are not met in either of the immigration bills that are being voted on this week.



About GreenLatinos:

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