Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles

This is a perfect location of green space that was created and the brainchild of a Latina leader - former county supervisor Gloria Molina. This park located in what is downtown Los Angeles is a perfect example of a beneficial merge between local government, business and philanthropy. A foundation has been set up the Grand Park Foundation, that is run by another Latina, Angie Castro ,who has developed the infrastructure and programs that benefit children, families -- many who are under served. The back story to this important addition to downtown Los Angeles is an inspiring one. It took the tenacity of Latina leadership to negotiate what is prime space in L.A.'s highly competitive and sought after real estate environment to create this Grand Park, that is now a vital center for an urban downtown environment and for surrounding L.A. County communities. Children and families have become involved in their Grand Park Ranger program that provides tours for school children to learn about plants, healthful food, exercise, green space and so much more. Young people from the California Conservation Corps have also been involved. They just had a successful Dia de los Muertos event where children and families participated in cultural traditions, and enjoyed Storytime at Grand Park, with area actors and local readers from the L.A. County School board, and other notables. There is too much to share with a backstory of success that GreenLatinos can learn much from.

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